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Bottom rods?

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Hi. I'm level 13 and have enough cash to buy a bottom rods but they aren't available fore to buy yet in the shop. At what point do these become available? Also...I'm wanting to fish in North Carolina for catfish using bait but my line keeps breaking. But I can't equip stronger line because it says my rod isn't strong enough for that line?

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When you look at items in the shop, just below the picture of the items (about middle left) there is a star with a number next to it, that number represents what level the item becomes available.  

Bottom rods become available from level 34 (level 30 if you wanted to spend 200 baitcoins, better spent on unlimited advanced licences IMO). You can access some feeder rods, something like the Allround 330 (lvl 12 $3360) or Allround 360 (lvl 14 $3410) and the FeederForcer 4000 (lvl13 $5350) and some Fluoro 0.23mm line (lvl 13 $530) (roughly $10,000 all up) would be suitable for a starting point. You will also need (from the terminal tackle tab) a simple bell, (maybe) a sinker (nothing over lvl 7) or a cage feeder (nothing over lvl 8, open cage for little or no current flow,  closed cage for places with a faster current flow) and finally you will need a mono leader (found under Lines) Mono leader 0.14 (lvl 12 $19) (you really want the lvl 15 mono leader 0.18 $25 when it becomes available). This is just an example to give you an idea.

Regarding your line breaking, this means your drag setting is to high for your setup and needs to be reduced, try a lower setting (- and +).   


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