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Vibration Bug XBOX PlayAnywhere FP


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The Xbox Anywhere version of this game will not vibrate the controller, making it impossible to sense fish strikes.

I am on Windows 10, have tried toggling in game settings for vibration without success.  Quit game, restarted no difference.

Have tried 2 different controllers without success.  One Elite, One standard controller.     I downloaded the Xbox Accessories app for Windows to test vibration and guess what??  It vibrates, so the controllers are fine.   They vibrate with other games also.

It is likely a problem with the client code for this game.   It probably never worked from day 1.    Can anybody else confirm?



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I am having the same issue.
Downloaded the Xbox Play Anywhere version on two different computers.
The controller will not vibrate when getting bites.
I have gone into the Xbox Accessories and the vibrate feature does work on the controller not with this game for some reason.

I have also played the Xbox version of this game for a few weeks and know when I should "feel" the vibrates. 
Something isn't working right here.

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