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[Steam] Release Note 3.2.0: User Generated Competitions

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Hello, anglers!
And we’re finally rolling out the much awaited feature of User Generated Competitions and much more!
User Generated Competitions


Now, you can create and customize competitive fishing events based on your own preferences, by fine-tuning and adjusting multiple event settings, including rules, locations, time schedules, participants and much more!

We designed a whole array of new tools to make it more comfortable for you to create and host just the perfect angling competitions and set numerous parameters to your preferences:

  • Use pre-existing templates or generate your fishing event from scratch!
  • Select the competition formats (free for all/team/duel) and privacy settings.
  • Set your own Entry Fee and Prize Pool.
  • Choose from multiple settings, including location, number of participants, player LVLs, duration, time, weather conditions, tackle, qualifying fish, etc...!

We’ll tell you in more detail here how these new competitions are going to look like in the game.


A new Custom Competitions menu will be added to the game interface that’ll feature a convenient list of all the user competitors both available and already played.

New Complex Rigs with new types of terminal tackle:
Rigs. Yep, now you can use rigs with your spinning and casting rods: Texas Rig, California Rig. Three-way Rig and Flipping Rig- all to enhance your fishing experience!;)

Three-Way Rig

One of the most well-known and simplest rigs, the three way rig features a three-way swivel that has separate attachment points for the main line, sinker and the leader. Easy to set up, the three way rig provides smooth rotating and eliminates line twists. Particularly efficient for going after predators like Catfish, Trout, Pike or Bass.

Texas Rig

The Texas rig is one of the easiest and most effective ways to use soft plastic baits for bass fishing. Just slide some weights on the line, tie on a hook, thread on a soft plastic bait, like a plastic worm, tube or craw and you’re ready to catch some big bad bass!
Carolina Rig


The Carolina rig is a super effective plastic bait rig that is especially perfect for going after bottom feeding fish and fish like bass. In this rig setup, the weight is fixed above the hook, and can be used with a number of soft plastic baits, like worms, craws or tubes. The Carolina rig is suitable for beginner anglers.

Tear Drop and Bullet Sinkers

Tear Drop:


Bullet Sinkers:


High-quality sinkers that are designed for use with jig rigs for spin fishing. These sinkers are one of the most popular choices among anglers.


An extremely efficient enhancement for lures such as spinners and spinnerbaits, Tails deliver superb flashing baitfish imitation, making them irresistible for predatory fish like Pike and Muskies.

New bite system for North America waterways

New Exploring missions:


New 39 exploring missions will be available on these locations:

  • Neherrin
  • Mudwater
  • Rocky
  • Emerald
  • Ghent-Terneuzen
  • Falcon
  • Everglades
  • Tiber
  • White Moose
  • Quanchkin
  • Saint-Croix
  • San Joaquin
  • Kaniq Creek
  • Sander Baggersee
  • Akhtuba
  • Weeping Willow

Do not miss the chance to experience your angling skills!
And last, but not least !
THREE new spots DLCs:




All THREE in ONE new Pro Angler Sport Bundle!;)



Tight lines!;)


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I find it very interesting that all the changes made are very detailed EXCEPT for the details about the "New Bite System". This is deceiving, and is obviously something that will negatively effect our game play. It has made it too hard and boring to enjoy. Cast into a mess of spawning fish and get zero bites - or 1 bite that takes 5 minutes to finally strike. This game is already expensive enough, now we can't even catch half the fish we did a few days ago. News just casually mentions  this change.. like we wouldn't notice? Many of us will leave if this continues.

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"New bite system" means that a new fish AI from European waterways has been implemented at all waterways of North America. I personally do not see this as a problem. Have you ever fishing in Europe? Now the hunt for fish became much more fun!😄

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Well, I've been playing this game for a long time and in my opinion it has never been as bad as it is now. This new patch has done away with fish bites in Alaska. Since the patch was released I never filled my net. The game is very boring, I spend more time looking at the landscape than fighting with the fish. It comes to give me sleep! I would like the game to be as it was before, it was more fun.

I don't know if the idea of making this change came from the developers or the players request, but whatever they tried to do went wrong. Maybe they tried to make the game more realistic, and it's OK to try it! But you can not forget that it is still a game, and that being fun is more important than being realistic.

Anyway, I don't want to offend anyone or downplay the work done, however, I have to be honest and give you feedback on a change made in the game.

That's it, I hope somehow the feedback can help you improve the game.

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54 minutes ago, Cadu2 said:

Would recommend it for being a well developed and well detailed game. However, support has to acknowledge its errors. 
Stop blaming the players, especially experienced players who play for a long time, accept the tips and correct their mistakes.
Nerf in the game shows development incoherence; Increasing fish stamina above what the equipment can handle, completely impairs gameplay, that's a big mistake; 
Having bottom fishing tackle above 21kg, and a leader of only 19.5kg does not justify, makes such gear impotential. Remember, we don't have a tugboat to drag these fish. 
The equipment that the game offers has become useless in the face of the abusive increase in fish stamina. 
Be more coherent and correct stamina by matching the equipment the game has, We can no longer drag the fish with the strongest brutus, absurd what they did. 
We are no longer getting the fish out with float fishing equipment, this change has killed float fishing equipment. Not even bottom fishing tackles are getting the fish out. 
The delay is absurd to be able to drag the fish, not in real life and no other game is like this. 
Where are the fish, you have nerfed the maps, reduced the amount of fish by 20%. Your greatly reduced the catch of the unique fish.
When you correct the items mentioned, I change my assessment. I moved today to not recommended after much stress in catching and attempting to pull fish.
Bad idea the increase of stamina absurdly, you lost track of the game. A game is for our enjoyment, not to cause more stress.
Here's the tip. 


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with all due respect but...as you say...nobody awaited feature of User Generated Competitions mate...all we do is we wait years for old bugs to be fixed...nobodys waiting for stupid changes you do...new rigs and tails are you kidding me?! ...thats absurd and boring sht...doesnt make any more interesting damn...are you for real?!...new bait system? do you even believe this?

dont get me wrong i play this game long time i know a lot of sht and still enjoy it but updatea u do are so pointless...doesnt make it more fun AT ALL...or more interesting jesus how blind are u...

all we need is old bugs fixed and new lakes mate...and not talking about some boring france river give us some challenge devs or just keep your servers running keep losing money and finally bury this good game only because you couldnt hear what we players your bread makers need...



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