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[Steam] Developer Diaries: User Generated Competitions. Part 2


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Hey friends!
Today we’ll tell you in more detail how these new competitions are going to look like in the game.
A new Custom Competitions menu will be added to the game interface that’ll feature a convenient list of all the user competitors both available and already played:


To create a Custom Competition, simply push CREATE and then either adjust all of the desired parameters in the competition settings menu or choose one of the preexisting competition templates.

Once you complete that step, you’ll find yourself in the Lobby of your newly created Custom Competition, while the event itself will be published in the list of competitions to be seen and joined by other players.

Competition Lobby is the place where players can look through the event details and chat with other participants.
At the time of the event, there will be a count-down followed by the start of the competition. All players who confirmed their participation (READY button) may then begin competing. Players that fail to confirm and are holding up the other participants, may be excluded from the competition by the Host. In case of pre-scheduled starts, all players who have not submitted their confirmation will be excluded automatically once the competition begins.


The Lobby for Team Competitions will be somewhat different, featuring a list of players divided according to their teams. The competition Host may personally assign players to their teams.


The Host’s authority pretty much ends there. Once the competition begins, the Host will participate on the same grounds as all the other players, having no further advantages.

We can’t wait to share our work with you and present this new functionality. The release is planned for the next week. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Tight lines!


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Cool. Can't wait for this to be released on PS4. Could have potential for some fun weekends! Especially when there are no interesting or just amateur comps on the schedule.

Maybe some players will come up with some interesting ideas for comps. Are there any plans on getting inspired, and converting some of the more creative and most played custom comps into official comps?

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