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Boats the definition and Use.

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Im fairly new to this game and I want to know about Boats.

I can rent one without an issue and use it on the lake I rent it on for one game day, thats fine.

Ive bought a boat (Kayak) and how on earth are you supposed to use it. Or is the idea you pay for it then continue to rent boats. Or do there new DLC boats have some method of use from a Key on your keyboard to launch them or do you need something extra like a Mooring peg?

In the UK there are a lot of fishing boats which include a mooring peg to launch the craft from, some even give you a Mallet to knock it in with.

Anyhow I have this Kayak and no way I can see to launch it or use it. Anyone fill me in on this and Motor boat purchase and use please or point me in the direction of relevant and up to date info?

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You fit your new Kayak from Home storage (the car in garage icon) to your avatar (little green man icon), like changing your keeper. Kayaks can only be used on certain waterways (8 atm), when you select a waterway on the world map in the top left hand side will be the name and level required, there will be a silhouette of a person in a kayak just above the level number if boat use is permitted on that waterway. You will also require an Advanced licence if you intend to fish from the kayak (you can still use the kayak to get from A to B on a Basic) Once you have fitted your kayak and travelled to a suitable waterway you will find your kayak waiting for you where the rental kayak was before.  Hope this helps.


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