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I was just talking about this with my friends yesterday.. tackle box templates would be awesome!

It's super annoying to always unequip all the carp stuff (4 rods, 20 or more baits, carp hooks, weights, pva bags, etc.) when moving from the UK to somewhere else - and the other way around.

Just let us create different templates - e.g. "carp", "bass" etc. with all the needed gear, and have the game automatically re-pack our bags. Going for Salmon in Alaska? Guess you won't need those bass jigs. Going for carp in the UK? Click the template and take your boilies with you..

One could define templates by fish or by location or even by tournament.. I'd even pay baitcoins for those templates 😄

They always keep adding more content to the game, and loads of different species to one lake, that need different setups. But the jackets are always too small. Especially the DLC jackets, that we paid for with real money, and are now rotting away in our home storages..

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