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Clipping casting distance on bottom/feeder rod???


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39 minutes ago, Tonto said:

I don't have L1 R1, but I assume you mean LB and RB for Xbox.

Nope,  that doesn't work

ok sry don't know yes the two top buttons I guess they r the same . you don't get a message to say u have clipped line just look at your casting distance in bottom right corner when clipped it should say it twice and sorry if u already know this

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16 hours ago, psycorps said:

when your baite is in the water press RB and LB. 

if you look at distance you see the same distance next to it with a sign. then you have set the clip

Ooh!   That worked.

the key was “bait in water”.

I was trying to clip while it was in the air and when the distance slider was highlighted



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