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[Steam, PS4] Sponsored Competitions

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Hello, anglers!

We’re finally rolling out the much awaited feature. Now, you can create and customize Sponsored Competitions based on your own preferences.

Aside from standard User Competitions, there will be easily recognized by the distinctive golden design of the following elements:

  • Logo frame
  • Icon for the competition format
  • Competition name

These competitions have some special characteristics:

  • Only a Hosts appointed by the game devs may create Sponsored Competitions.
  • Once created, such events get checked by the Administrator before publishing.
  • These competitions have unique names and are always shown at the top of the event list.
  • Devs may assign sponsor rewards for these competitions.

Sponsored Competitions will pose a particular interest for the more advanced sport anglers, being a perfect chance to compete against equally worthy opponents and win valuable prizes!

If you're an influencer and want to create your own competition, please contact sс@fishingplanet.com with information about your channel and your nickname in Fishing Planet and they will provide you all the information needed.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned to keep track of what’s fishing;)

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3 hours ago, vv_og_killa_vv said:

I am a twitch broadcaster vv_og_killa_vv I would like sponsorship for competitions on the PlayStation 4. Can you assist me with this

Hey OG, I believe the email to send your request to is sc@fishingplanet.com. If you know blkhawks69 you can ask him as well to be sure, he just did it recently.

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23 hours ago, Buckin8 said:

Hey im a xbox mixer broadcaster can u support me with a sponsor my xbox gamertag is Buckin8

Please send your application at sc@fishingplanet.com

Do not forget to indicate your nickname in the game, platform you play and send link to your channel at Twitch, YouTube or another source.

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