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Merry Christmas from Fishing Planet, dear friends!


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No matter how grown up we get, Christmas time never fails to excite with the tingling anticipation of something magical in the air...just around the corner! And this time the feeling is right, with plenty of holiday magic, fairytale fish, fireworks and festive excitement waiting for you!


This holiday season, join our fairytale fishing adventure with fantastic Antlered Salmon and Furry Trout that were spotted in snowy Canada!


Have fun catching these magical Christmas event fish while the fireworks are blasting and complete the Myth Buster and Deer Hunter challenges to get unique holiday rewards.

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You can also try to complete the new Fishy Racing challenge and get a unique Elven Kayak as a prize!
Then of course, do not forget about Christmas Giant’s Tour - the final fishing Tournament of 2017.

Christmas Special Packs

  • For a full joy of this special event we compiled the limited Christmas Magic Pack with unique collectible holiday-themed rods and reels!

Steam   American PSN Store   European PSN Store*
will be available at midnight December 21st


  • Also you can get a Santa’s Kayak Pack which is every angler's perfect Christmas present! The best goodie in this giftbox is a collectible Christmas kayak, decorated to look like a real Santa's Sleigh!

Steam   American PSN Store   European PSN Store*
will be available at midnight December 21st2e1583c2de2b323f900dfab5eb7d5c5c2aad600a


And don’t forget to collect your Christmas presents, hidden around all waterways!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Fishing Planet!

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4 hours ago, PH_Hilrond said:

Well, if it's like previous years, you can open them on Christmas and the contents will be placed in your backpack and if your pack is full in your home storage.  You can also open the packages at each location once a day.

Oh and Merry Christmas to everyone!

Each location? How does this work. If you open one, do you wait till another one shows up?

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6 hours ago, PH_Hilrond said:

No, there are packages at various lakes & rivers.  You can open all of them in one day, then wait a day and do them all again.  The problem is you have to pay to travel to each of the locations.  That can get very expensive!

What seriously?! O_o How is that fair.. lol that's not a gift if you have to pay to travel every place. D: 

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