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Release Note 03.16: Christmas Event, New Rigs, Exploring missions

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Christmas Event 2019:

Crystal Fishmas that starts on December 19th. More details coming in the official event announcement on December 19th.  

New Complex Rigs with new types of terminal tackle:
Rigs. Yep, now you can use rigs with your spinning and casting rods: Texas Rig, California Rig. Three-way Rig and Flipping Rig- all to enhance your fishing experience!;)

Three-Way Rig

One of the most well-known and simplest rigs, the three way rig features a three-way swivel that has separate attachment points for the main line, sinker and the leader. Easy to set up, the three way rig provides smooth rotating and eliminates line twists. Particularly efficient for going after predators like Catfish, Trout, Pike or Bass.

Texas Rig

The Texas rig is one of the easiest and most effective ways to use soft plastic baits for bass fishing. Just slide some weights on the line, tie on a hook, thread on a soft plastic bait, like a plastic worm, tube or craw and you’re ready to catch some big bad bass!
Carolina Rig


The Carolina rig is a super effective plastic bait rig that is especially perfect for going after bottom feeding fish and fish like bass. In this rig setup, the weight is fixed above the hook, and can be used with a number of soft plastic baits, like worms, craws or tubes. The Carolina rig is suitable for beginner anglers.

Tear Drop and Bullet Sinkers

Tear Drop:


Bullet Sinkers:


High-quality sinkers that are designed for use with jig rigs for spin fishing. These sinkers are one of the most popular choices among anglers.


An extremely efficient enhancement for lures such as spinners and spinnerbaits, Tails deliver superb flashing baitfish imitation, making them irresistible for predatory fish like Pike and Muskies.

New bite system for North America waterways

This is the same fish AI system the game had on European waterways from the beginning.

New Exploring missions:


New 39 exploring missions will be available on these locations:

  • Neherrin
  • Mudwater
  • Rocky
  • Emerald
  • Ghent-Terneuzen
  • Falcon
  • Everglades
  • Tiber
  • White Moose
  • Quanchkin
  • Saint-Croix
  • San Joaquin
  • Kaniq Creek
  • Sander Baggersee
  • Akhtuba
  • Weeping Willow

Do not miss the chance to experience your angling skills!

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Just don't understand. 39 exploring missions to catch fish everyone has already caught. And the reward is shrimp?? for completing one of them? Still no custom competitions. No new challenges. Underwhelming.

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1 hour ago, Huskerfan66 said:

I was wondering, is The Fisherman getting the same update?  By the way it sounds we are not. If that is the case...WHY?  Is Big Ben that cheap they don't want to do it?

Apparently there is a 6gb update on the fisherman now

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New issues since most recent patch on PS4:

* Casts will now go backward (behind you) instead of in the water where you are aiming. You have to put the rod away and pick it back up again to get it to cast correctly again.

* Sinkers (even 8oz sinkers) will bounce upon impact, some 25’ to 75’ in the air and random directions. Like the previous issue, you have to put the rod away, do something different and then pick it back up.

* Fishing using rod holder - bottom fishing, you have a fish on, yet the reel locks up and can not retrieve the line. You have to put the rod back on the rod holder, change locations, fish with another setup, catch a fish and reel it in and then go back to the rod holder in the original location, the fish will be gone and you can reel the line in. Wastes 20 minutes of peak time. You can either do all of that or simply exit the game and restart it.

Now, for a review of the patch. Sadly for the PS4 crowd, we didn’t get the trade-off of the new bite system and custom competitions. Instead, we received the new bite system, but no custom competitions, and no word on when those are coming. 

With the new bite system expect that for some special species they’ve targeted you’ll potentially be staring at your screen for upwards of 30-45 minutes (real time) without a nibble when before it may be 15 minutes in between bites for the toughest species.

Nighttime bass fishing in the Everglades was an absolute blast before this update. After evaluating it for the last 24 hours here’s what you can expect. If you were accustomed to night fishing the typical 9pm to 5am:

* Expect to catch 60% less fish (in total during peak times) than prior to the patch.

* Expect the overall average weight of the fish you catch to be significantly lower even during peak time.

* Expect to catch more Florida Gar (a bunch more) than prior to the patch. At peak times I’m catching Gar at a 2 to 1 ratio.

* Prior to the patch you would average 15+ trophy sized LMB over the 9pm to 5am span. Now, with the new bite system you can expect half that amount or even less.

* Prior to the patch, on the perfect weather setup at night from 9pm to 5am (the weather setup with two peaks and a lull at midnight) you could expect to catch 5+ Unique LMB. Now after the patch with an identical weather setup, the most I’ve caught is 3 and 2 of those three barely qualified as unique at a bit over 8lbs and one 11lber.

* It seems I catch a lot more 2.5lb to 4lb LMB after this new bite system whereas before that weight range was more common during the daytime hours and off-peak hours. (Still less overall number of fish being caught and now on average much smaller than prior to the patch.)

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On 12/18/2019 at 10:29 AM, Dano307 said:

Apparently there is a 6gb update on the fisherman now

6gb for what?  There isn't crap on the PS4 for The Fisherman!  Is seems those of us that bought it are getting SCREWED by Bigben and Fishing Planet llc. Neither of them give two shits about us that bought it!  Hell, Bigben won't even answer any questions from us!  Most of the people who own both are about to say screw it and stop playing both!

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