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Just a thought about support.

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It has been my experience that a dev and a publisher don't pass the buck with no answers at all. That would be like having an issue with a Call of Duty game but having to ask activision to get infinity ward to fix something. The dev team takes care of the patches and updates, and the publishers give them the monetary support thru sales and micro transactions. If Bigben published this game for the masses it is still under fishing planet llc's control for patches and updates. And if the wish to make The Fisherman a money making game they will need to port over the new updates and DLC packs and not for just Baitcoins. I saw they did bring in some new packs which I'm happy to see but like many other devs out there they are very silent about whats coming being worked on or even saying that yes FP and TF are different yet the same. cause the are.

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Well if the publisher has no info on if they are going to even support the game or update, then I can fully say this will be the only game ever bought under their name and the only product. That is like ubisoft saying we have no info on support or updates for any of our games. They could have at minimum said the game is under the support of fishing planet llc. and any updates while be up to them. They want us to spend our money on a game that is literally a one shot item, and if that is the case then so be it. But I never paid for micro transactions in Assassin's Creed...

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I've sent multiple emails to the publisher - both to their official addresses, and also to some of the senior execs listed on their website.

No reply from any of them other than the generic "thank you for your email, we care a lot" autoreply.

For such a major stock exchange listed publisher this is an appalling display - total lack of customer  focus.  Almost tempting to buy 1 share just to go the ShareHolder AGM and ask some awkward questions in front of the financial analysts - no investor is going to want to see a publisher alienating their community like this; it may take a while but it always kills a business in the long term.

It will certainly be the last game I purchase that has any link with that publisher, whereas had this been handled well I'd have been happily buying DLC for new areas.

So frustrating the see this so badly handled as the base game is excellent - there is so much wasted potential here, but I will not be going back to the F2P version either.

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