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Lost a longtime player.


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Just wanted to say that although playing FP on PS4 and Xbox , and now the Fisherman Fishing planet I have decided to just call it quits.

I was hoping the grinding aspect of it would be cut down in the payed version but as soon as I hit the late 30's my leveling just seemed to come to a slow halt.

I just want to hit max level and enjoy the game at its full potential but it doesn't seem the devs share this view. I just cant seem to bring myself to play anymore knowing that ill spend an entire night fishing pike or muskie for hours on end just to get half a level.

Grinding is cool , and its part of games like this , trust me I know , I played World of Warcraft in its vanilla days , but this game is just too much.

Sorry my love of this game has to end like this but its just not worth it anymore. 

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ok , well after taking over 4 months off , being absolutely burned and ashamed of buying The Fisherman version , im going to give the free version another solid go. 

looks like a lot of new things have been added and im ACTUALLY excited to try to get back into this game.

here goes nothing ………………………..

(fyi   Warsteiner 1 is the gamertag is anyone wants to hit me up)

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