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Welcome New Bassboat Explorer Pack!

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If you want to check out Fishing Planet’s newest and biggest angling destination surrounded by the salty waters of the Gulf of Mexico, don't forget to grab our new pack:

Tune into exploration mode right NOW with the new Bassboat Explorer Pack! 

American PSN Store   European PSN Store 


This amazing all-you-need power pack includes:

  • The speedy Garry Scott™ Scorpius™ Bass Boat for fishing adventures without limits!
  • The latest and most powerful casting combo to handle the heaviest saltwater predators!
  • New lures and softbaits, including Buzzbaits, Twin Tail Spider Grub, Slugs and more!
  • Mississippi 30 Day Pond Pass and Advanced License for limitless fishing and exploring!The best professional anglers approve this set; it has everything you need for an unforgettable island adventure, plus an incredible bonus: Mississippi State License for 30 Day Fishing!

Grab your tackles and enjoy the island adventures!

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10 hours ago, Macpraszou93 said:


The update with the Mississippi waterway isn’t available on Xbox yet.

i presume when that update arrives on the Xbox platform the new DLC will be made available.

I just hope that it can also be gifted, because only one DLC can currently be gifted on Xbox



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