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Rods distance sheet

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I'm wondering if anyone has made a sheet detailing how far any given rod will cast with maximum line and weight?

Problem is (for instance), I own the following setup:

Rod: Farcaster 190 (Lure 14 - 42 g) / (Line 3 - 7 Kg)
Reel: Helios 2000 S (Line 7 Kg)
Line Flouro 0.35 mm (Test 6.8 Kg)

This setup is great for catching Walleye at Emerald or Bass at Neherrin because the fish are close to shore. But when I get to places like Mudwater or Falcon, this setup isn't great because I can barely cast 40m with it. I then purchased a spinning rod Aurora 230 (Lure 10 - 21 g) / (Line 1.5 - 4.5 Kg) with reel Prima 3500 (Line 4.5 Kg) and Flouro 0.28 mm (Test 4.5 Kg). I was hoping that a spinning rod would give me some extra distance, but I can just about get to 50m with that setup, which didn't help a great deal. I then saw a video where someone is using a JigWinner 8' Rod and easily got over 75m with it. (Don't know what the weight rating on it is though).

I don't want to waste a whole lot of cash at the moment to try all different kind of rods, just to sell them again. My aim is to get to a 9 rod system, something like the following.

Light Cast/Spin < 4.5Kg
Light Match < 4.5Kg
Light Feeder < 4.5Kg

Medium Cast/Spin = 7Kg
Medium Match = 7Kg (Nero 450)
Medium Feeder = 7Kg (Big Alli 420)

Heavy Cast/Spin > 7Kg
Heavy Match > 7Kg (Brutus 9' 10")
Heavy Feeder > 7Kg

Kg's don't need to be exact but you get the idea. Or can someone give some sort of suggestions here? The ones in brackets I am already happy with.

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In general you can say that the longer the rod is, the longer your cast will be. Also the lure will need to match the lure range of your rod, if it is to light the cast will be short. 
The thinner the line is also affects the distance, hence why braided line is a good option, but make sure to use correct line and leader for the fish you gonna catch. 
As well the number of guide lines in a rod affects the casting distance, the more guide lines there is the more friction and shorter your cast will be. 
I think also there is some differences in the reels that affect the distance, but not 100% of it. 

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Well, no, nobody has done a sheet like that yet, as far as I know 😊 But I think it would be hard to determine the variables for putting up a sheet like that. What lures would you use to compare the throwing distance on the different rods? Not all rods can equip the same lure. Also, not all reels can equip the same line. And not all reels work on all rods.. So the best you could get would be a tendency, and at best only a couple of metres difference. I think the amount of time that'd go into such a sheet is in no relation to the benefit it gives you.

There's just a few basics when it comes to casting distance. Like, longer rod, thinner line, heavier lure = more casting distance. Spinning rods are generally longer than casting rods, which is why they give you more casting distance. Braid line is the thinnest, which is why it is best when it comes to casting distance. And the medium spoons seem to be the most aerodynamic lures, which is why they cast out the furthest.

Then, there are some reels that are better than others when it comes to casting distance. Like the Espira reels (for spinning), and the Counsellor reels (for casting). Also, there are one or two rods that are exceptionally great as far as casting distance goes. Like, the JigWinner that you already mentioned, which I guess will get you the furthest. Also, the Thora is great, too.

I did a more detailed write-up on this topic a year ago, and mentioned some of my favourite far-caster setups. I guess it's cool if I just reference this here:

The feeder / bottom and carp reels / rods bring a whole new level to casting distance. They all cast out 70+ / 80+ m easy, so I guess you don't really needed to compare them, as this gets you anywhere you'd like to be on the lake 😊

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Thanks mitderplatte. That helps.


I've learnt a bit since posting initially. I never bothered about the length of the rod when I was "younger" in the game. I bought whatever I could when going up levels. Then I purchased the Farcaster because it had a 7Kg rating after I unlocked it and was disappointed with the distance (in hindsight I should've waited to unlock the longer 8Kg Farcaster). And only then I found out that casting rods can't go as far as spinning rods. These days I mostly operate with the 12Kg Loki spinning rod anyways on lakes like White Moose. And then the 5Kg Aurora on lakes with smaller fish like Rocky and Falcon. I still use the Farcaster on places like Neherrin and Emerald though, where distance is no issue.

I guess everyone has to waste a bit of cash to learn the hard lessons in the beginning 😄


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