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Ragin Nordwin

Big Ben not aktive, even in his own Forum

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I get a email from BigBen:



We have carried the greatest attention to your e-mail.

We have forwarded your comments to the relevant departments in order to be more present on the forums.


But nothing happens. I dont believe that anyone looks ever in this forum.

For me it looks like they are just silent because they have no desire to do anything. This is a standard procedure for hotlines too. The customer is first kept waiting in long loops. Then you send him from one department to the next, always in the queue for a long time. If the customer then gives up in frustration, you can avoid his warranty. After all, it is not the fault of the company that the customer simply hung up, the willingness to help was there. *sarcasm*

It is similar here. Big Ben hopes that the project that turned out to be a financial failure will be silently forgotten.

I can't think of any other reason why you don't hear from them and nothing happens. In games like WRC7 and WRC8 i we get patches and Big Ben communicates regularly. That is the typical false moral of today's developers.


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