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suggestions for the game


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Hello guys, I play FP on steam and I wanted to leave you with a couple of suggestions, I think it would improve the simulation and the community even more.

1. Being able to make bait "sandwiches" (for example, a cutbait plus a shrimp, on the same hook)

2. The vision of the line for the fish (from what I understand, that is not yet in the game, if it is already, please corroborate the info, thank you!)

3. Clubs (clans) within the game, being able to create them, join, etc. So we can organize team vs. team events.

4. Continuing with the events, to solve the changes of equipment of the users, since they unbalance the competition at the last moment and the host has no way to rebalance that (I know the developers already know this). You could also add 2 more teams, leaving the possibility of playing 4 teams separately in the events, keeping only 1 winning team, this would also solve the change of teams at the last moment, even if you could add the invitations of participation to users.

5. the purchase of bait: enable drag and drop + some key (something like that) to buy more units than the store sells by bait (example: 5 river crabs - drag and drop (ctrl pressed) and that a menu or something small that you can specify the quantity to buy).

These are some things that have occurred to me, perhaps many have already been thought of, I just wanted to give you some ideas, perhaps some will help you (I am aware of the work involved in making and maintaining a game), I leave you greetings and thanks for this great game!

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