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'Side Game' Feature Ideas!

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Here are four ideas that I think would add a feature to the game which could accommodate the user when they are idle (feeder)fishing. 

  • Searching for 'Insects' and 'Fresh Baits'
    • Digging/Sifting:    Worms/crickets/Grasshoppers
      • When fishing, or when one is simply at the lake, they should be able to walk around the grassy areas provided (the edges they can reach) and use tools they've purchased within the store (perhaps from the 'Tools and Equipment' Section) and begin to look for their own worms (with a shovel) or crickets/grasshoppers (with a cricket and/or a grasshopper basket you only need when you are searching for them--you can still buy them from the store with baitcoins and use those crickets if you do not own a cricket basket). 
        • One should have to press the 'R2' button when equipped with the 'Shovel' in order to perform one stab per press--this should randomly generate worms based on the quality of the 'Shovel'. Cheaper shovels will produce roughly one to two worms per twenty stabs, while better shovels will produce so much as ten to fifteen for the same number of stabs.
        • These insects caught will expire after you leave the lake (this is the downside).
    • Fishing:   Bait Fish
      • At various lakes, you should be able to catch certain species of fish which can be used to create your own 'Fresh Cut bait'. However, this should only be smaller breeds of fish. With this feature in mind, people could be encouraged to bring a smaller road for bait fish along with them because 'Fresh Cut Bait' caught from the lake you are in usually works better for the fish in that lake (this is the benefit). 
        • When one does this, it takes said fish out of your basket and transforms it into a bait that will expire after you leave the lake (this is the downfall). 
    • Finding Lures
      • There have been times in life that I have found a lure, and used it to catch a fish. Several times, it has worked! There is an 'invisible line' challenge that is similar to what I am getting at, but one should be able to find lures that have 'been lost by other anglers' and have the option of using them (or if they are too damaged, restoring them as 'Damaged Equipment' once one leaves the lake). 
  • Co-Opt Netting
    • One should be able to purchase a net from the store; the nets should be cheaper for shorter/smaller options, and more expensive for longer options. When fishing next to other individuals (or next to friends in your 'Room'), one should have the option of participating in the other person's catch by pulling out their own net to try and aid said individual in bringing the fish in. This is to help get said person's fish past the 20ft distance (for the longest net option) or from so shallow as a 10ft distance (for smaller options).
      • This should reward the netter with a 'Good Samaritan' achievement every fifteen times an individual helps a friend within their 'Room' land their fish, and every ten times when a friend helps a random person (smaller number to encourage co-opting among strangers). Reward: 1 Baitcoin; $1000.00.

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