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Immediate Fish Loss From Rod Stand


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  3. March 15 to April 2, 2020

  4. Immediate loss of fish when picking up a rod from the rod stand. I keep running into this issue in multiple areas, fishing for multiple kinds of fish. I setup a rod stand. Cast my rods out. Then when a bite occurs I wait for all the indicators to go off before picking up the rod. (Rapid rod stand light and beeper, Bell on bottom rods dinging, and the line gets dragged all over continuously) But when I pick it up and try to set the hook there is no fish. The indicator in the top right that shows the lure/bait shows the bait as if I had just cast the rod. The bite is lost, and I get the message my bait has been lost or eaten by a fish. I've tried picking the rod up before all the indicators go off and waiting for the fish to finish the bite before setting the hook. But the fish spawns into the water when I pick up the rod and swims away and never comes back. This has happened in Michigan with Pike and all the verities of Muskie, California and White Sturgeons, UK and all the large verities of Carp, and Mississippi with Permit, Tarpon, and Red Drum.

  5. So far I have only had this issue with bait fishing rods. (Match, Bottom, and Carp) I have been using both the Triple and the Quad Stands with indicators. Specific equipment: Majesty 11' 5", Deep Horizon 13' 9", and Heavy Chaser 10' 2". All with Leviathan 10000 reels.

  6. Video: https://youtu.be/E6smLMpyMLg

    Anyone else having this issue? It was noticeable, but not to bad until I got to Weeping Willows and Blue Crab Island. It happened about 10% of the bites in Weeping Willows. So it was annoying but playable. But Blue Crab Island is pretty much unplayable with bait fishing for me. I lose most of the fish that bite to this issue.

    Edit: Added a video of the issue. Also did some testing and it seems to occur a lot more frequently when you have a rod in your hand and you're switching to a rod with a fish bite starting. So it might be a rod stand issue and not a bait fishing rod issue.

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I will make a suggestion to see if it improves.

do not replace the rod in your hand with a rod that is beeping. First place the rod in your hand in an open slot, then pick up the beeping rod.

This necessitates always having a free slot on your stand, hence a 4 rod stand becomes a 3 rod stand, and a 3 rod stand becomes a 2 rod stand.  Not efficient, but I think more effective....for this issue.




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What I've been doing is simply not casting out an extra rod beyond what's on the stand, and then not switching rods once I have a nice fish on. So now I'm only losing the unknown fish biting and some bait and not both the fish biting and the one on the rod in my hand.

Seems silly to me that they would put rod stands into the game with up to 4 slots and bite indicators. Then make it so you cant switch rods without a high chance of losing either or both of the fish on the rod in your hand or the one biting on the rod you're switching to. It pretty much negates the point of a rod stand with multiple slots. As well as much of the other equipment in the game that's focused on fishing with multiple rods at the same time.

That's pretty much why I'm assuming that this must be a bug. At least I hope it's a bug and not a game mechanic working as intended.

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