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Developer’s Diaries: Maku-Maku Lake, Peru


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Hi, anglers!

Many of you are interested in what we will release next. Get ready to visit South America and experience a new fishing destination - the wild Maku-Maku Lake  in the north-east of Peru.

The wild Maku-Maku Lake is located in the north-east of Peru, upstream the Amazon basin and in between the Marañón and the Ucayali Rivers, which come together to form the Amazon River.

This lake is a forgotten treasure of the immense and impassable Amazonian equatorial rainforest. Nothing even resembling industrial activity can be found within miles of the lake, with no signs of urban life nearby. Probably that’s why the flora and fauna of these places are so vehemently asserted in its rights.


People still visit these places, but only as guests rather than masters. There is a small indigenous village at the lakeside, and its residents managed to preserve nature in its primordial state and become its organic part. And of course, the omnipresent tourists found their way here — they usually stay at a small tourist camping site near the lake in pursuit of amazing fishing trophies.


It’s constantly warm and humid in these parts of the world, and a year is roughly divided into a wet season and a dry season. Anglers start arriving here late May to early June when the wet season is nearing its end. The temperature and humidity start to drop, the sky lightens, precipitation level decreases (although it rains still), the water level begins to ebb, and the fish sets off to bite at anything it sees in the water! That’s why we chose the summer’s first month!

Our lake is rather deep, with many pits measuring some 33 ft (10 m) in depth. The deepest ones can reach up to 50 ft (15 m). After all, our biggest catfish do need somewhere to inhabit! But there are also vast shallow waters where small forage fish are eager to feed, inevitably falling prey to all sorts of predators!


The lake is best suited for boat fishing because the exuberant vegetation encroaches close onto the water body. There are only a few places where you can fish from the shore, but they are definitely there.

The three main lake locations deserve a special introduction.


The first one is a village of the local indigenous tribe on the western shore. Not far from it a narrow river flows out of Maku-Maku Lake and further feeds into one of the sources of the most magnificent river on the planet - the Amazon!


The second location is a fishing tourist site situated on a small hill on the southern shore.


The third one is a modest camping site in the northern part of the biggest island.

It’s necessary to mention a wondrous submerged forest, where you can steer your boat into and land a spectacular trophy. This is the first place of its kind to make an appearance in our game!


The reservoir naturally has its unique features. Its flora is uncanny, from palms and giant ferns to rubber trees and pistia the water cabbage, floating freely on the lake surface. A multitude of loud colorful birds and boisterous monkeys are keen on giving careless tourists the shivers.

Talking about species diversity, this lake will offer 18 fish species for you to catch, 16 of which are — unprecedentedly — introduced FOR THE FIRST TIME! Never before have we given to you so many exclusive species at one location!

And above all: the Amazonian region does not stop here, it only just begins. Expect even more unforgettable fishing experience in the future!


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Maku Maku Lake, Peru is already available on the PC. You will need to be level 58, or buy the rainforest journey pack DLC (access for 7 days) or (possibly, IDK haven't heard of anyone using this option) spending 1600 baitcoins to unlock it on the world map. You may have to move the world map view (left mouse button) to see it. It was released around the 8th of May (PC) and is expected to be available on the PS4 soon (1 - 2 weeks maybe), followed by the Xbox after that (IDK, could be a 4 weeks).

(the information is from what I've read elsewhere and is in no way official, just a possible timeline, and is subject to change).


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Unfortunately, I don't have MAKU MAKU on the map, I don't have the option to buy the DLC package either, I installed Fishing Planet from the PLAY store on Windows 10, so far there were updates of new tanks, this time there are no updates. I have level 55 and rank / stars (15) What should I do to make Maku Maku appear on the map?

best regards

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