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How do you use closed feeders and open feeders

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You will need to buy a feeder (say a Allround 390) or bottom rod, a spinning reel (FeederForcer 6000) to suit the rod, fishing line to suit the reel (about 4.5 kg 9.9 lb), mono or fluoro leader as close to the fishing line test as possible, a feeder that falls within the rods casting weight range (starting at a low weight might help) open for no to slow water current, closed for faster waters, and a simple bell (X high).

Place rod in empty slot, add reel, add line, add bell, add feeder, add leader, add hook and finally add the bait. Get a bag of Universal mixture from the shop, go to Texas, check and forward time to peak time, go to Inventory, select the mixture icon at the end of the rod slot numbers, find the universal mix and drag (or double click) to Bases add component area, add a portion (say 1/4) and select mixing, once mixed select your feeder rod, select the ground bait bag icon find your freshly made mix and drag over to your feeder. Start fishing. (This a basic description to hopefully get you started, it is based on the free play version but they should be very similar). HTH.   

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closed feeder for rivers with good flow and open feeders are better for ponds and lakes with no or very slow flow the idea being that with rivers with a good flow the closed feeder would release the chum at a slower rate to keep the fish feeding in same spot if u had open feeder in fast moving river your chum would get washed away a lot quicker and u would have difficulty in holding the fish in that spot so open better with no flow . well that's how it works in real life but don't know if it transfers to game same way 

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