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PS4 - Cooldown Period bug on some maps

Angel Spy

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As we all know there is no cooldown period between 9pm - 5am. But i am having a time period on 4am. While time is 4am, if i press triangle to go to next day, it gives me 55 minutes (white moose - alberta). Next time while 4am again, i forward time 1 hour by clicking X which shows 5am, this time it gives me 1 hour to cooldown period. To skip gotto pay 1 baitcoin, no other choice. I never had this problem on Neherrin or Emerald. I found out this since last week first time i went to kaniq - alaska. Now i m in white moose - alberta, i get full, cant skip next day without waiting 1 hour so day strikes are giving pain :/

ps: 9pm to 4am is working, choosing 5 am is not working correct either way.

bugged maps: alberta and alaska


have a nice days n games

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Now i m in kaniq map, and day passed by itself to next day as usual. Bug part is: it says 55 minutes cooldown. why, i didnt even change or touch the time.

Also, i tried to check times given in same map. i forward time to 4am. no cooldown period. then i forward time to 5am:

cooldown times i get

1st day: 17 minutes

2nd day: 24 minutes

3rd day: 20 minutes

4th day: 1 hour 10 minutes

5th day: 1 hour

6th day: 1 hour 5 minutes

7th day: 55 minutes

8th day: 1 hour

9th day: 24 minutes

10th day: 55 minutes

11th day: 1 hour 55 minutes

12th day: 1 hour 47 minutes

13th day: 1 hour 24 minutes


times are random and real time as i see. come on... somebody please check this issue already? i cant switch day or wait it to switch before and after without waiting... 

Same bug with more addings: Louisiana map has same issue too for me. 

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