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Catser rod bugged to the point its unusable...


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hey devs me and my mum have this stupidly bad bug thats renderd my gold edition caster rod totaly useless and cost me over 40k ...  ok  we had just started leveling at Quanchkin lake with giant cats and gar in mind, so we brought a number of our heavyest rods to tackle them..  but on the gold edition caster rods first cast it suddenly bugged causing the fishing line unable to cast out, nor reel in...  it just draps there like if the reel was broken in reallife,  but whats worse is because the line cannot be reeled in we cannot put the rod away ether or open menu... meaning that the only way to put it down is on a rod stand, but if you havent set that already up your snookerd..  as it was i had the ..first time... round and could still fish just one rod hold and rod down...  "this also means you cannot move the rod stand too as you cannot pick it up with the broken rod it your hands or with it placed on it, meaning you have to leav it behind if you want to move places..."    but it then got worse far wosre...  me and mum came back to the lake on three repeted trips costing me 8300k each travel cost the but the same bug happend each time with the same rod apon its first cast.. rendering it useless.... each season..   but if that wasnt bad enough the biggest kick it our teeth was when we left the fishery the game claimed the rod was rod and reel were badly damaged and cost us 22k to repare them ....but the rod was brand new when we tryed to use it and wasnt useable the whole of each seasons, it was just left standing on the rod pod totaly useless... no strain or tension and no fish on the end.. it was never successfuly cast because of this bug so that its wasnt working and cost me a large amount it just plain unreal,...   sigh.. nothing can be done about my money loss but im filing this report as it needs to be fixed, and i fear it was a bug that came new with the resent patch... so hopefully you can solve this and i wish you all well...   btw i do have a screenshot but i could not fit or paste it here, if you need it please tell me how i can give it too you.. cheer mates :)

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