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Welcome to Amazonia, Peru, Maku-Maku Lake!

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Well, anglers, are you ready to explore South America?

Then enter the Amazonian jungles and follow to the waters of Maku-Maku Lake! This magical spot in north-western Peru, where the Amazon River begins, presents a rare opportunity to challenge yourself. Local waterways are famous for the variety of rare exotic fish species inhabiting them.

Here’s what the wild rainforest has in store for you:

  • Our first Amazonian location in Peru — Maku-Maku Lake!
  • 16  authentic fish species, from Redeye Piranha to the giant Arapaima!
  • New spinning rods for heavy lure casts and large-spooled reels.
  • Swimbait lures look almost indistinguishable from a live fish, and predators can’t resist it.
  • Maximum level raised to 60.
  • New Rainforest Journey Pack.

Welcome Maku-Maku Lake in Peru!


Maku-Maku Lake embodies everything you can dream of in a tropical paradise fishing adventure! It’s just you, the primeval jungle and scores of rare Amazon fish! Do not be deceived by the seemingly peaceful water surface: it hides the sharp-toothed Payara, the gigantic Arapaima and the vulturous Piranha.


When exploring the lake, visit the Oval Island. At the first glance there is nothing remarkable about it apart from a landing pier and a couple of tourist lodges. But you are here for the catch, and you won’t be disappointed. The lake’s muddy bottom near the island is full of deep pits, which make perfect hiding spots for Flatwhiskered Catfish, the enormous Gilded Catfish and other members of the Amazon catfish kind.


Otorongo Village in the south-western part of the lake is where an Amazon indigenous tribe lives. The Maku-Maku people have surely chosen their residence wisely, since the local waterways are teeming with fish! The native residents have built a landing pier for their longboats. Take your boat from there to the north of the village to find a long gentle-flowing canal, a habitat of choice for the yellow-eyed Brycon and the elusive Payara.


Take a minute to relax at the Tourist Landing Pier, where you can practice your distance casts. Cosy tourist lodges, a new pier with modern boats and the unmatched tropical fishing experience – everything is ready for you to enjoy!

16  authentic fish species!

Maku-Maku inhabited by 18 fish species, 16 of them are new in Fishing Planet:


Red-bellied Piranha.



Redeye Piranha.








Peacock Bass.






Silver Arowana.






Silver Croaker.



Flatwhiskered Catfish (Barbado).



Ripsaw Catfish (Cuiu Cuiu).





Gilded Catfish (Zungaro).



Red Tail Barracuda.



Spotted Aracu.







Flag-Tailed Prochilodus.



New spinning rods for heavy lure casts and large-spooled reels.

An adventure of this kind requires special tackle and local exotic lures. 

Don’t forget to visit the shop and check out our new items: 

The short but powerful Aguarayo™ spinning rod.


The Selva Star reel equipped with a large spool for heavy distance casts.



New swimbait lures.

  • New Local Baits:

  •  Camu-Camu fruit,


  • Dobsonfly Larva,


  •  Aracu Minnow,


  •  Dead Lambari Fish,


  •  Freshwater Prawns,


Also added Fresh Meat and Chicken Liver, weighted Walkers, JigHeads and Hunched Runners.

  • Swimbaits:



Rainforest Journey Pack!

To feel the unique morning rainforest vibe, make sure to purchase The Rainforest Journey Pack: it will be available in stores in a few hours. We will let you know once it will be available for the purchase!

Get ready to explore and do not forget that Maku-Maku Lake is the first fishing destination from the Amazonian region. More adventure will wait for you!

P.S.: By popular demand of our players, the first entrance to any competition will be available in the form of teleport to the selected pin, regardless of where the player was. During re-entering, the previous position will be saved and resumed.

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