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New features/location idea


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Just my thoughts on a new fishing type/waterway for relaxing deep sea fishing.

New Hampshire: Jeffreys Ledge
New Boats: 
Center Consoles
Sportfishing Yachts
Walkaround Boats

New Rods: Boat Rods

New Fish Species/Size Limits: At depths of 150-300 ft
Flounder: 18 inches 3 lbs
Atlantic Cod: 63 inches 98 lbs
Cusk: 39 inches 31 lbs
Haddock: 37 inches 24 lbs
Pollock: 50 inches 47 lbs
Can also include other species such as Red Fish, Dogfish, Lionfish, Bluefish, (Mackerel and Stripers for top water fishing).

New Baits: 
Fresh Squid
Clam meat
Jigs and Teasers

To add to this. I think this is where this game could potentially truly shine and go well beyond any fishing game to date. These boats are typically for 6-20 people(public/private charters). This could be translated to opening your boat to public players or private for friends only with an open mic system so everyone on the boat can communicate with each other. Hosting players takes the role of the captain and it’s his/her job to put the other players on the fish and could even set a in game dollar amount for a spot on the boat. This could also lead to a Captain leader board to show who has a record of being on the most fish and knowing the best spots so their boat will be highly sought after.

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On 6/20/2020 at 6:03 AM, Bartek27 said:

Thanks. Im idea for spiny dogfish in waterway you can see it in my post.

To catch a spiny dogfish you need a titanium leader because spiny dogfish is a shark, sharks have sharp teeth that can cut you leader


We sometimes catch lots of dogfish while out for haddock and pollock but its always on a mono leader and never had any problems with them biting it off. Your species of dogfish is different though.

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