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I came so close to......


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...leaving Fishing Planet yesterday and the only thing that kept me from going with another program is I've worked my butt off and finally hit Level 52. But I contacted Fishing Planet yesterday regarding a billing issue. It wasn't resolved and won't know for sure until our automatic drafts happen in July and this tidbit of info was only given after I did about three hours legwork for FP's billing department. Fine, $16 isn't going to break me; it's just a matter of principle now!did everything for FP's customer support  but draw them a picture. But I'll wait and Lord have mercy on them if they do it again. FYI, keep your receipts! After the charge has cleared the bank, I delete mine but all they had to do was access my husband's account and look at the dates to see what happened. 

But the worse thing about this whole ordeal is that my husband (AGP_Destroyer) spent five in-game days at St. Croix. His premium account was never activated by us, but he got NO premium dollars or XP's. Fishing Planet says his premium was delivered to 'his' account immediately  and he never lost any premium dollars or XP's.. And for five days, plus the other places he fished, he earned the NO PREMIUM dollars and XP's. I mean I spent seven days in California and left with over $248,000 and 56,000 XP. For five days at Michigan, he earned maybe, and that's a big maybe $150,000 and practically no XP's. 

I never lost my premium dollars or points so you can imagine how he felt! I'm sure that the billing department have access to his data. In fact if they would have compared his data with everything I sent them, they would have seen what I was telling them. I even sent them a screen shot of the FP scoring page. 

Okay, vent over but if you hear of anything 'good' out there in the line of fishing, tell me. To say the least, we both have a real sour taste in our mouths! 

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