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Competition/Tournament Last Catch idea

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Just a simple suggestion for the last catch. I'm sure others will agree on this idea. During the last bit of either when you have a fish on the line and the time runs out.

There should be a time limit added to land that last fish, being that it was already hooked before the event ended. That would make a good change and make players a bit more happy at times.

Just an idea to make things a bit more interesting during the events.

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Actually, I don't like this idea at all.

When the timer runs out, the competition is done. It's as fair as it can get.

Why would somebody get an extra minute or two "overtime", just because he hooked a fish last minute - or even just had his line in the water last minute?

We all know the struggles of being only a couple of seconds too late with the winning fish. But, like I said, it's as fair as it can get. And if you look at the bright side: the adrenaline rush of getting the winning fish out of the water only two seconds BEFORE the timer runs out feels amazing. Even more so in a semi-final or final.

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