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Bream at Weeping Willow?


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Already got the plaque. I just like to catch every fish on every lake, coz...why not? I have to grind 4 levels before I can go to the next lake anyway, might as well have some fun with it! Although it doesn't seem like much fun when you can't even get close.

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I had some luck with bream in a few spots at weeping willow. Maybe try this spot if you haven't already tried it: go to golden lake and walk quite a way up the left hand side and there is a large tree tree on the bank on a small promontory and just out from the tree quite close to the bank are two small but deep holes quite close together - you can see and mark them on the lake depth/contour map. I got quite a few bream in there. I may have got a trophy there certainly plenty of bream though - try night fishing at good times for them if you haven't already. I used ground bait probably best with a feeder but I used a float setup with a fairly small hook. Try using the pinkies or yellow maggots I think I got my bream on yellow maggots but it's been a while. I also got bream in various other locations usually fishing close in deep holes as I like to float fish. As a side I also picked up quite a few chub on pinkies and tench of course but using tench baits. This game does not always fish as you might in RL eg I used to catch a lot of chub in RL on cheese years ago but in this game the chub don't go for it! 

good luck  

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