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Entered First Competition and it Sucked


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Entered first competition to catch catfish on Muddy River. It was slated for 30 mins. I am level 16. Within 2 minutes the scorecard showed entries level 60 already with over 70lbs of fish and they were catching 9lb catfish whereas all I could catch were closed to 2lbs. How is this possible and is it rigged? What are you supposed to do if you are just starting?

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I can understand your frustration, and your questioning regarding the honesty of the outcome.   Most players that regularly play comps have spend countless hours learning that comp, by either playing it multiple times, or fishing the competition time and day during normal fishing.

at your level, you can enter amateur comps, which may have less skilled players, or players with less understanding of the game mechanics. 

You only have a cursory understanding of the game at this point.    Maybe when you reach level 50, some things will begin to get clearer.   It isn’t a sprint, but a marathon.  Have patience and your understanding will come with time. 

make some friends at high levels and they will share their knowledge With you.


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As a 1 month noob to this game, I'm just glad there are open competitions for me to take advantage of the extra prime fishing time to cash farm. Amateur competitions are cancelled most of the time due to the lack of players signing-up in that level bracket. It sucks even more to show-up to a competition only to have it canceled. After awhile, you just don't bother signing-up for amateur competitions. Amateurs have limited resources. We must plan ahead before visiting regions to make the most out of licensing and traveling fees.

Planning for events involves:
1) Seeing if there are lucrative missions to complete in the area while there;
2) Researching the types of cash fish and the bait/lures needed;
3) Bringing the right gear along per the event rules and farming intentions;
4) Budget for licenses, baits, gear and travel costs.

With this in mind, I just take in the extra farming time a competition brings as icing to visiting a region. If I manage to place in the top 10 against level 60s means I still have much to learn (or unlearn) and more practice.

This is how I am planning for the upcoming Mighty Carp Tournament:
1) Take my newly acquired boat to buoy mark all schools of fish in areas that allow boats. I didn't buy that fancy level 50 boat for speed racing. I bought it for speedy fish buoy mapping. I already have a lower level boat and many kayaks to fish on. Don't want to over use the level 50 boat because I dread the repair costs.
2) Head back to shore.
3) At each sonar buoy marker, I cast at least 2 Tiger nut boilie lines for carp and Duck Mussel lines for catfish. In this game, I've noticed carp tend to congregate near catfish and sturgeon. The large fish blips are either the huge catfish or trophy/unique carp. Might as well make money and exp farming the catfish whilst verifying trophy/unique carp spots. Each unmarked sonar buoy gets renamed with the casting distance from shore if I manage to fish trophy or unique carp.
4) Weeping Willow is already loaded with my casting distance buoys.

I'm going to remain an amateur even when I ding 60.

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