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Mississippi advanced license 2000 bait coins ? Seriously that's £84 in real money 

Peru 2000 bait coins advanced license ? That's also £84 in hard cash !!

£164 in hard earned money just to fish those waterways ? Get a grip !!

Bass boat 2000 bait coins?  That's £84 cash 😂

£252 just for 2 licences and a boat before you get rods ,tackle, bait,keepnet's etc lol rip off !!

Dlc £50 and you don't get adanced licences ? Biggest con ever !!


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The in game economy could use some cost reductions or added value for premium time players from what FP has in place currently, and some of their DLC packages provide little value, other than for a first week player, but I don’t see the point in your argument about paying gold for advanced licenses or a bass boat.  Both of these items can be purchased with silver, and most of us do so.  Now if you happen to win a tournament and have nothing else do do with your 5000 baitcoins, then I can understand that also.  Your argument would have been better served to identify high value items like those 52 baitcoin poppers that cannot be purchased with silver. 

They need to create better value for all of us paying customers.

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