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Need help

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I’m new to this game and I’m broke so I sold both my fishing rods now I can’t do anything what can I do someone please help me 

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You get a cash bonus for each day of consecutive login, in a week or so you may be able to buy a low level rod and get back to fishing. 

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Like the previous guys said, you get money every day so you don't have to spend real money. Once you can afford a new rod, here are a few pointers.

1. Always have at least one rod and reel. (They are your salary :-))

2. Buy an unlimited license with coins for Lone Star Lake asap. That way, when you bankrupt yourself (which has happened to me in the beginning), you always have a free place to fish to get travel/license fees for another place.

3. Always save up for the biggest Keepnet available on your level.

4. Always stay longer than 1 day at any venue and try to fill up the net as often as possible. Make sure you earn enough money on your trip to cover initial travel/license costs, extension costs, repairs to equipment and bait. I used to aim to at least triple Travel+License, even if it meant I fished 4-5 days there. Then I knew i made good profit.

5. Keep in mind that licenses expire every 24 (real) hours. Make sure you have enough cash to extend your stay and to buy a new license. Nothing worse than having to go home after spending travel and license etc. before you make a profit.

6. Repair all your equipment as soon as you return from a venue, before it becomes in too bad shape.

7. Make sure you take the right bait, and enough of it. Nothing worse than not having/running out of minnows

8. Play when you have time. No use buying a license, playing for 10 minutes and then having to buy another next time you continue. Fish to at least have more money in your net than what a license costs.

9. Complete all missions at your current venue. They are a good way to make money/xp and get free equipment. Careful with the monsters though (read first the weight).

10. Lastly, if you don't have Premium, expect a bit of a grind. It's a long road, but it does become easier the higher you go, and if you spend money wisely. I wasted wayy too much on equipment I eventually sold again. Think nicely.

Edit...  Extra Tip: Save your baitcoins for permanent licenses at places like Saint Croix. Do NOT spend them on equipment, fast-forwards, markers, bait etc. Baitcoins are hard to come by in this game.

Good lakes at lower levels are: Rocky Lake (Trout), Emerald Lake (Walleye) and Neherrin River (Bass).

Good lower level rods are: Allround 390 (5 Kg Bottom) or Big Alli 420 (8 Kg Bottom), Nero 450 (6 Kg Float), Jig Winner 270 (6 Kg Spin)

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