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Fishing Planet Community Event Season 4 event 4


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                                                                                                Enter Here                                           https://www.fishingplanet.club


                                                                                                                            ALL ARE WELCOME TO JOIN


Competition Specific Information

1.) LOCATION:  Germany,Sander Baggersee

2.) Start Time: 07/24/20 12:01 PM EDT TO 07/31/20 11:59 AM EDT

3.) Lures/Baits: Any, Rod stands prohibited.

4.) Fishing Hours: Any

5.) SPECIES:  Northern Pike,Bighead Carp,Common Bream                                           on comp sheet Bigheads go under Common Carp,Common Bream go under Bluegill
Your Score Is Your Total Fish Weight Divided By 3

Prize List:
1st Place:  DLC
2nd Place: DLC
3rd Place:  DLC


Prize Pool: FP Boat Series Pack,Rain Forest Journey Pack,????
Prize Picks 1st then 2nd, then 3rd.



General Rules / Guidelines

1.) All Fish Will Need A Steam Screenshot

2a.) You Need To Screenshot While Holding The Fish, With the FULL GUI (Chat/Lure Visible) With the weight displaying in pounds only.  Also only enter the weight for example 10.123 (DO NOT ADD lb or lbs).

2b.) You Will Need To Hit Your Tab Key And Type In A Specific Code Into Your Chat Bar When Your Fish Is Caught, You Don't Have To Send It To Chat, But It Needs To Be There.

2c.) Code For Chatbar Is:HOOKED

3.) All Weights Will Be Submitted In Pounds (Imperial setting in-game)

4.) You can edit your entries after your first submission, as you catch bigger fish you can cull out a smaller one.

5.) Obvious Invalid Entries & Trolls Will Be Disqualified.

6.) In The Case Of Ties, Whoever Has The Oldest Submission/Revision Wins.

7.) Fish Must Be Submitted Within 1 Hour Of Being Caught, Or It Will Not Count.  This form will close immediately at the end of the Event.

8.) Fish Caught In In Game Comps DO NOT Count.

9.) Steam Screenshots Must Be Set To Public and the links MUST end in /?id=xxxxxxxxxxxx  AT THE END OF THE EVENT ENTRIES WITH INCORRECT SCREEN SHOT LINKS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!




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