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I actually have a few ?'s

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So first off how would I buy/use rod holders? Do I have to be a higher rank. I am currently lvl 1. second i'm assuming boats are the same story? higher rank? and number 3 is there a communications system/chat for other players?

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You will find rod holders under the Tools & Equipment tab in the shop (look at the shop from Home to see the full range). Yes you will gain access to better equipment as you level up (boats/kayaks included), suggest your first priority might be to get a tacklebox, vest and rod case (to carry more tackle), and fit them (drag from Home Storage) to your avatar (the little green man icon). Once you have a rod holder (and made sure it is in your Inventory not Home Storage) and are standing on a shoreline press 9 to bring out your rod holder, find a place near the shore where to outline of the holder turns green and press the LMB to place it. If the rod holder can hold more than one rod use the shift key and the rod holder slot number (left to right 1 - 4) to pickup/putdown the rod in that slot.

There is a chat box down in the left hand corner of the screen, you can use the mouse or press Tab and then type a message (Enter to send), press Tab again to exit chat. (There are other options you can select with the mouse on the chatbox itself). 


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