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Leveling Needs an Overhaul !

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As the title says , you leveling system once was just fine but today , its way to daunting and monotones for newer player .  Even with a premium account getting to max level is just TOO much for some people , especially those with limited time to play each day. Not only that but once the wall hits you around level 40 , fishing 2 or 3 species for the max XP available to you for literally days on end is just boring and loses a lot of people at that point.

Please reconsider your progression of levels at some point , or at least boost the premium accounts effect on XP. Maybe sell 3X XP boosters or something ?

I love this game but getting to max level at this point is just something ive already come to the realization that is something i may not do.....and thats not good from a consumers prospective !

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I understand what you mean but there is always going to be a grind with games, I would use barbless hooks if you are not already and try to use under powered set up where possible, I have got to level 50 without using premium and it's not taken me too long all things considered. Try to focus on the fishing when you get bored, have you taken a break from the American water ways and tried it in Europe, it can be fun doing the missions etc

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oh fully understand grinding , i played world of warcraft for 8 years...........so.........

I have beta tested PS4, and have accounts on PC and my main on Xbox. none of them are even close to max level.

My point is for a casual player who has limited time to play , fishing for the same 2 or 3 species of fish for IRL a month or two straight is not fun !!!

And with any new maps in the future thats going to add another 5-10 levels , so the casual player will be left even further behind. IT NEEDS AN OVERHAUL !

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8 hours ago, Mastorofpuppetz said:

The entire progression needs a total over haul. The free version is too grindy, even in The Fisherman you are forced to stay in one spot for longer due to travel and other costs. There is no such thing as fishing for fun and moving from place to place.

exactly !!!  Its like the devs dont even want newer or casual players to experience their new content .

other games promote fresh content and encourage players to experience it as fast and long as possible , but these devs just seem like they dont care if some of the playerbase sees it or not !

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I think they need to add more missions to all venues where you can get a 7 000 or 10 000 XP boost etc. And also make more special events like the St Patrick's day thing where you catch Bully Bass that have huge XP points (like 1000 per fish or something). For a new player to finally be able to reach Lake Maku will take months, if not years. I've been playing on-off for about a year and am only at level 48 now. Still have a few venues I have not yet visited and some Monsters left to catch but I don't know when I'll finally get to Maku.

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