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Welcome to the River Marron, Bolivia!

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Welcome to Bolivia’s Amazon tributaries full of rare and wonderful fish!
It’s not easy to get to the River Marron, and you can find out more useful information about the new location in our Dev's Diaries.

If you’ve found yourself in Beni Department holding a fishing rod – you surely know your exotic fishing! The further you are from civilization, the more chances you have to catch a rare fish, maybe even of an undiscovered species!

A trip to the River Marron gives you a variety of fishing options in the most interesting places:

  • Travel to the lone tree in the southern part of the river to hunt for a Red Peacock Bass straight from the grassy bank or the landing pier.
  • Rent a Wooden Kayak from local residents at the old boathouse, where the sharp-toothed Payara is said to make an easy catch. Wooden Kayaks will be available for rent on all Amazonian locations.


  • Visit the village in the north-east to enjoy the picturesque cableway and all the best spots to catch the golden-scaled Apapa.


  •  Steer your boat to the western tributary to cast your rod into the quiet waters of a nearby small lake.
  • Venture to a tiny island with low rocky shores to catch the Redtail Catfish hiding in shallow waters or bottom pits.


Enjoy the most impressive view where a magnificent tree grows straight out of the water. 

New unique fish, such as:

  • Tambaqui (Colossoma Macropomum), also known as Giant Pacu or Black Pacu, is a large freshwater fish native to the Amazon and Orinoco basins in tropical South America. Somewhat similar in shape to Piranhas, these large-eyed fish have tall, laterally compressed bodies that range from dark gray to almost black in color, arched backs and square-shaped teeth that look almost human. Unlike predatory Piranhas, Tambaqui use their teeth primarily for crushing plant seeds and nuts. 


  • Trahira (Hoplias Aimara), also known as Wolf Fish or Tiger Fish, is a predatory tropical fish species native to South America that lives in freshwater habitats of most river systems on the continent. Trahira can be found in both clear, fast flowing streams, as well as slow and still waters of canals and ponds.


  • Apapa (Pellona Сastelnaeana) is a South American species of predatory freshwater fish found mainly in the Amazon and Orinoco basins. These highly aggressive fish swim mainly in large schools, hunting their prey closer to the surface or in shallower areas. Apapa closely resemble huge Sardines, with their laterally compressed bodies and vivid golden coloration, dark backs and upturned mouths.   


  • Redtail Catfish (Phractocephalus Hemioliopterus), also known as Flat-nosed Catfish, is a large and very popular game fish found in the Amazon, Orinoco, and Essequibo river basins of South America that lives only in freshwater habitats, particularly large rivers, lakes and streams. It is the only known species of the genus Phractocephalus, that dates back to over 13.5 million years. Redtail Catfish are easily distinguished by their long barbels and colorful bodies that are brownish with black spots on the back, yellow on the sides and a red-orange dorsal fin.



  • Red Peacock Bass (Cichla mirianae) is a tropical freshwater fish that tends to inhabit lagoons, waterways and flood plains of South American rivers. It prefers areas with slow currents and plenty of cover, such as sunken logs and submerged trees.   


We recommend top Amazon tackle for all your tropical fishing.

Be sure to try out the powerful bottom rod La Cazadora™


and the Torbellino™ reel by UL-CHUBER™.



Match Rod - SpellLauncher™



Spin Reels - MatchCatch™




Don’t forget about the new local baits: 

  • Dobsonfly,


  • Moriche Palm Fruit,


  • Jauari Palm Fruit,


  • Rubber Tree Seeds.



  • Freshwater Crab




Polarized glasses


More contrast and less eye strain when fishing! New Garry Scott sunglasses are specifically designed for anglers: in addition to ultraviolet protection, they also block most of glare from light reflecting off the water surface. The line offers several models for you to highlight your unique style!



Slider floats are specially designed for sliding rigs. Sliders are able to fly further than common floats and are most often used for fishing at great depths.



Waggler floats are specially designed for sliding rigs. These floats are most often used for ultra-long casts and fishing at shallow depths.

Pond Chat improvements
Chat control is more understandable now.
Chat filter added.
Minimizing chat icon in one click added.
Friends icon added.
Autosave the last 100 messages in your friend chat.

Leaderboards improvements
Now all your records in the Top Players and Top Fish categories will be updated with minimal delay.


  • New max level for players – 65(unlocked at level 63)
  • 3rd person model animation improved
  • Display of the leader length in 3D added
  • Display of leader zoom added
  • FPS increase up to 80%
  • Added the ability to change the competition’s time with 15th step
  • Added new conditions for qualifying fish catch
  • Added the ability to hear others motorboats sound
  • Spool animation during line pulling by a fish added.


You can find all the best stuff for local fishing in the Tropic Hunter Pack.

American PSN Store                      European PSN Store  


Traveling to Bolivia to catch wondrous water monsters – sounds like a plan! And to bring it to life we have already gathered all the best stuff in the Tropic Hunter Pack. The star of this set is the light and durable metal motor boat Lyra with a powerful engine and an innovative echo sounder Uniq, which can work without interference even at high speed!

Tight lines to all who appreciate exotic fishing!

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I was really willing to buy another DLC but it seems that Fishing Planet crew has gone so greedy that they will not get any of my money. Thats really unfortunate. 7 day pass to a new lake, what a joke. You can basically get indy game or 6 months old AAA game for that money.Oh well, it is their right to make up the prices so all I can do is just farm xp and not pay for the new DLC:

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Some great improvements, but a couple of things:


  1. Sunglasses only available for baitcoins is really sucky, should be an option to buy them with normal ingame currency.
  2.  The zoom is now way too high and it's practically unusable, you should change it so that pressing R1 once = mid zoom as it was before, a second R1 press is close zoom as it is now and a third R1 press = no zoom.
  3. Leaderboard is still broken, when I select "My fish" it's still missing the vast majority of fish I've caught, even during that session!
  4. Now that you've been able to improve performance how about adding an FOV slider? It would be nice to be able to pull the camera back slightly so the rod/reel doesn't block 2/3 of the view.


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