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Camu Camu new bait for Carp???

bottomfeeder lmao

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All South American fruit/nuts work in WW everywhere I have markers: Camu-Camu, Jauari, Moriche, Rubber Tree Seeds. Depending on the level of aromas and texture of groundbait in your feeder mix and spod, you can catch most carp species including the moby unis that weigh in excess of 70LB/32KG. The nuts/fruit work because the larger carp species in WW are dialed-in to favor round shapes.

If Willow Lake exists in the real world, it would be an artificial lake specifically maintained for captive sport carp and catfish with assorted other fish. This means the fish are regularly hand fed roundish pellets to keep them healthy for sport fishers. The captive carp look forward to their roundish man-made foods.

Wild carp and evasive species carp rely are more natural sources of food and may not be dialed-in to accept artificial foods. They may even become suspicious of artificial foods.

Thus,  nuts and fruits feel like bigger versions of nutritious boilie/pellet commercial feed to captive carp. Common carp are more keen to the nuts and fruits but all larger captive carp will show interest to fruit and nuts with the right feeder groundbait mix.

I'm rather impressed with the devs for programming this kind of captive  complexity in WW UK carp.

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