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Nothing unusual about that rate.   You should be able to land one every 45 seconds after you cast, at least during the first half.  the second half you have to get a little lucky and avoid the largemouth, Which also bite on the bait. that is one comp where the fish are aggressive and active, unlike many other comps where you sit idle and wait most of the time. There are many spots to cast from the top 2 spawns.



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Dude, if you only get 1 fish every 30 minutes, you're seriously doing something wrong. There are 2 good spots for this fish. One is "The Floating Thickets" straight towards the Lilly Pads, but my favorite is at the "Lilly Pad Channel" a little to the left because there is less Gar there. If I catch with 3 rods there, I can't even keep up, that's how quickly they bite.

If you catch with a float setup with shrimp and a 3/0 or 4/0 hook and a 60-70 cm flouro leader you MUST get a lot of fish. You'll get some Largemouth Bass in between as well. One Peacock Bass every minute for 60 game minutes does seem high, but 2 fish in an hour seem very low as well.



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How wrong you are that there is no variation. I would say that it is not appropriate to say that there are exact spots anymore but call them areas, as the fish is on a larger area now. As always there are exceptions. General rule is you can't win when the game does not allow you to win. You can know 10 spots and all the different baits, sometimes the game just blocks you. I really don't understand what kind of game you KhaTRion would want. So that you grab your rod just walk to the shore, cast out and its a lottery who wins? No knowledge or skill involved?

I think the main problem is that people who play 50+ hours a week and those who play 1h a week have to compete in the same competitions. It's understandable that the later group is disappointed. On another hand, if it's just game randomly deciding who will win, I bet no one will want to take part of the competitions anymore. I really hate what the game is doing now when you practice 50+ hours for a tournament and you manage to get similar scores 4-5 times in a row and then enter the real competition and not even catch half of that score. Yeah, you can say that thats fishing. But let's be realistic no one enjoys that. Or would you be happy to travel to a lake, stay there for a whole day and not catch a single fish. How long would you keep playing this game? Thats something that easily could happen in real life too.

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