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Ocean Fishing


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I'm very interested in Ocean content too.

I'm new and about to ding level 53. Been playing FP for about a month. I'm from Hawaii currently living in Tennessee. My Hawaiian grandfather taught his granddaughters how to fish by hand, spear, pole and net.

I realize that Fishing Planet is centered around landlocked waterways. However, tropical shore regions would absolutely make this game even more special for me and everyone else as it is more difficult to visit Hawaii with heavy pandemic restrictions in full force.

Hawaii has a variety of tasty salt water pan fish congregate that around the marinas looking for handouts.

Brackish water and fresh water fish brought over from our Asian immigrants like tilapia, koi and carp reside in our man-made canals and Asian gardens. I'm enjoying Weeping Willows UK because it is almost like the Zen gardens back in Hawaii minus bamboo forest, pagodas and sand scapes.

Lots of beautiful fish, predator fish, octopus. I can see reeling in a fish and losing it to a shark!

Lots of bottom trash to clean as well as tasty bottom treasures like vana, lobsters and HUGE fighter Samoan crabs to snag.

Sea turtles and other endangered species to return or face huge penalties!

The island of Kauai would make for spectacular fishing as it has Sea Grotto pools, pools with cascading water falls, and of course ocean fishing.

Currently, I enjoy learning new fishing methods. I especially enjoy spod chumming, PVA and method fishing. We don't have these methods in Hawaii. I can see where some of these methods would work in Hawaii to attract specific schools of fish which in turn would attract certain exciting predators. Every fish I catch, I am devising a new raw or cooked sushi recipe for the family and a new chum recipe for the fish.

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A tad late seeing this, but Agreed. I think this game could benefit from breaking away from sport fishing locations alone and explore more exotic locations. Tropical coastlines would be very welcome. I think they could be more adventurous with their Fresh Water locations as well. How about the Congo River? Electric Catfish, Tigerfish, freshwater pufferfish, and even fish that live so deep in the river, they have become ghostly white and blind. 

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