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lake trout too much stamina

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So I know I had poorly matched equipment - only way I could get the lure 160 feet for the spake I was targeting - but it's still a bit ludicrous that a lake trout was still fighting over 5 1/2 hours after being hooked.

Video footage (beware, 87 minute video involving one fish): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/218017859

46lb rod, 24lb reel, 10lb braid: I'd expect a 27lb fish to take 15-20 game minutes to land, maybe more if it's unique. This was.. well, boring.

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Fish gets hook 3 seconds into the clip. Fish gets landed 1 hours 27 minutes and 29 seconds into the clip.

In game time, fish gets hooked at 8.35am and landed at 2.25pm.

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