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No memory whatsoever

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Hi fellow anglers! I have been using Fishing Planet for a few years but I recently purchased The Fisherman. In the past, I always came to the forum for down to earth help. So after scouring Youtube for a couple of days I gave up and hopefully one of you can help. 

I thought one of the best features was being able to access the bite diagram directly from the lake/river. I also thought the option key was involved. But for the life of me, I can't remember the key combination to make it work and believe me, I have tried. Now did I dream this new feature and if not, do any of you remember how to do this? 

Secondly, do any of you know when the lighted hats will become available? I don't know about you all, but I'm finding night fishing practícally impossible without a light of some sort. 

And lastly, can any of you tell me if there a way to decipher what type rod you have, a casting or spinner? My husband tries to explain the difference but I can't make sense of the differences.  Right now , if I want to upgrade the reel, I have to go to the shop and find a particular rod to see what type it is before I upgrade the reel. 

Well, that's all for now and thanks in advance for any and all help! You have no idea how much it will help me or appreciate it! By the way, I'm using it on the PS4 platform. 

Sue (Pollock)



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Thanks for this info. And for the bite diagram, I probably used the wrong terminology. I've seen it on some sites called the bite chart, the bite diagram, etc. But what it is is the biting times that you find on the lake's home page where you find the fish listed for that location and the chart showing the best bite times for that location. 

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