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PS4 Kayak news


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Hey dear anglers,

As you have noticed, kayaks are now available in the in-game store for PS4!

We have added 4 kayaks to the in-game store for you to to choose from so you can fully enjoy the variety and thrill of kayak fishing:

GoldenAlbatros™ Adventure Kayak. Fast and super comfortable, this golden child of boatbuilding is a bit demanding when it comes to controls and requires a skillful approach for better maneuverability. 


SilverGull™ Adventure Kayak. Sleek and fast, this silvery watercraft is both speedy and equally easy to control, making it a comfortable choice for the intermediate-skilled rowers who want to dominate on the water!



Neptune™ Adventure Kayak is the perfect explorer kayak! Providing satisfactory comfort levels and controllability, this vessel offers a stable and swift performance under any conditions! 


Tritone™ Adventure Kayak - This kayak is easy to handle and offers good control, making it well suited for beginning boatmen eager to take their angling experience to deeper waters! 

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