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Some quality of life suggestions


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So first off, let me start off by saying, I've been playing since before Louisiana was added and I absolutely love this game. I also know the small development team can only do so much but I think there are some small quality of life things that could be added to help make the game even better than it already is. I will list them below, and I would love some constructive input from others, as well as the developers.


1. Make unlimited licenses purchasable with fish cash OR baitcoins (I understand it was done to make revenue, but there should be an option for both)

2. Adding new lures like lipless cranks, buzz baits, and rigging options for softplastics

3. Bite ratios need some love, one example is the flatheads in Nerrehin River, they bite too slow

4. Kayaks being tipped by small fish (I thought I died the first time this happened)

5. Increasing durability on equipment (trout fishing currently kills equipment super quick)

6. The ability to put a rod down and use another while you wait for a bite should be added

7. Bottom fishing

8. Unique fish should grant small amounts of bait coins on top of their cash (i'm thinking between 3-5 coins per fish)

9. Reducing travel costs by 25-30% (look at what it did recently for Missouri)

10. Every lake having at least one unique


These are just some thing I think would make this game even better.


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I am well aware money is not an issue for top rank, i also think a rank should give more than one coin. before they added Louisiana you had plenty of bait coins, but nothing to spend it on. Now you have less coins, and plenty to spend them on, There should be a balance somewhere.  Again, I understand the reasoning behind them taking the bait coins away from uni catching, as I used to sit on the North Carolina map, and farm the Unique Redear Sunfish with the rest of the game. They realized at the rate people made coins before they would never sell them or make revenue on them, and I totally get that it was taken to give them the ability to make money on coin packages. I just believe reducing the uni catch rate would have been a effective mid ground, because lets face it the really good purchases with coins, cost some serious coins, the advanced unlimited licenses are the only thing that should be bought with coins, and I even want them to have an optional ability to be bought for some absurd amount of fish bucks. The balance is what is making new players stop playing, not the game it's self. The game it's self is highly addictive and very enjoyable to play, but as a player that has been around since before Louisiana and the new economy was added, I feel newer players are missing on some of the charm this game used to have and I frankly feel bad for them. Maybe it's me seeing things through rose-colored glasses. 

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