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How to super fast lvl from 40 to 50..

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This is my second account..I use one for premium and one I use that I share with my kids..listen folks some of you guys are getting real technical with different stuff which is cool too..if ya wanna zoom from 40 to 50 In 2 real days do this..mabye 3 if your fishing 8 hour days. I work alot so I can only do 6 hour days when I'm off work..but anyways listen..fish bottom rods for sturgeon in cali.make sure your using 40 to 50lb test set ups..(maximize your xp) take atleast 2 or 3 bottom rods..( catboxer #1 or #2 ) use fresh egg sacks or large cut bait..take a rod stand and go to the sturgeon hole( fishing Beaver) FISH ONLY NIGHT TIME ( it doesn't matter if the peak is low .) Fish 9pm catch two fish immediately then move to 10 pm catch 2 then to 11 pm..yes even on slow peak the fish bite instant within 15 game min ( 4 real min) on first cast always..catching 2 on each hour will fill 440 lbs keep net in less than the whole night .I normally fill with a few hours left to spare..rinse repeat..make sure your gear can handle 6 days (nights of this) you will then have make over 300k In cash plus moved up an entire player lvl.. congratulations your grind just got simple and easy then after your at 50 you can then relax and hit all those challenge you missed 😊

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