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One of the best investments I've ever made..


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Listen folks we all make small investments during the week rather it be McDonald's Burger King during lunch break easy 10 usd bucks without even thinking about it..we also have that netflix bill or prime or disney plus packages for tv that we all know are of the best cheap worth it investments we don't think much on but we know their worth their weight in gold..so my point here is this.. fishing planet is def not a pay to play game and it's geared perfect mid age folks or even young folks who love the thrill of a fish fight.. nothing I enjoy more than getting off work making a glass of cold Cherry Pepsi or an occasional cold beer or wine while I fish ( that was for us adults only haha) anyways started looking how cheap premium was for 1 day!! Folks I can dig 1.99 out my couch cushion lol and the 4.99. end game rod and reel set ups was like I just purchased something awesome like I just found the best investment of the year lol..sure some of their prices on certain things are kinda high but lets face it..many of you true fisherman will pay 5 bucks for a new real popper at bass pro shop..just think how much ya get here on those rainy days where ya can't go real fishing and you come here to play instead and that 4.99 rod set up just helped you get past that slow spot in your game..to be honest I don't play anymore without premium now because of the perks now..to me it's no different than that cheeseburger I knew I didn't need .. atleast here I won't have to worry about a heart attack after eating it haha..cheers folks..keep the lines tight and I encourage you to try one of their dlc packs ..it's def something worth it.. especially if your older and your working and this is your come home to thing.. 

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On 10/13/2020 at 3:28 AM, Tonto said:

...Folks I can dig 1.99 out my couch cushion....


perhaps I can spend the night on your couch, because the only things I found on mine are potato chip crumbs and and chewed gum.

Yo..Lemmy get that gum for the drive to work hahaha..wait..what flavor chips..lol

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