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PS4 new Sport Topwater Night Pack


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Hey dear anglers,
We are happy to announce the new Sport Topwater Night Pack are now available on PlayStation Store!

This powerful pack contains ideally matched and balanced fishing goodies that will definitely come in handy for winning in topwater and night Competitions or mastering these intricate disciplines on a more advanced level!

                                                          European Store                          American Store

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I would buy more if they would evenly matched up the reels with the rods for example a fishing rod capable of holding 20 lb fishing line they match up with a real limited too say 4 lb mono or 12 lb braid with a drag of 15 pounds or so LOL. Sure the drag is increased on the real butt what's the point of having increased drag if you can't pull it up with line equivalent to match the drag or the rod. Also the real should have increased casting distance. So if you are offering a fishing rod capable of 17 pound line then the real should be evenly matched to hold at least 15 pound mono or fluoro line and 14 to 15 LB drag. Come on balance your DLC content please.

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