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Release Note 03.47

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Hey, anglers.
This December will bring you a bunch of useful updates.
Here is what you will get:

Weather Schedule added to time forward window


Now you can easily check the weather and choose the perfect time to catch your favorite fish.

Boat and kayak support in the inventory


Now you have a possibility to have with you not only one boat, but also, take your favorite kayak.
*You can have only a boat and kayak.

Diversified rewards in competitions
Now, instead of one specific reward, you will receive one of 5 rewards, randomly.
The list of rewards will be specified in the description of the competition.

Profile limitation changes:
  • Friends list increased to 200
  • Buoy quantity increased to 1500

  • Added possibility to buy and equip vest on the waterway
  • Leader wear indication added
  • Hall of Fame: big fish score added
  • Automatic abuse reporting added to pond chat
  • Adaptive zoom added
  • Map Button rename: now Map stands for Pond Map and Globe for Global Map

Bugfix and improvements:
  • 3rd animation fixes and improvements
  • Pond Chat and User Competitions UI fixes
  • Front Engine sound fix
  • Various UI improvements
  • Physics improvements for swimbaits and fish behavior
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