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Merry Fishmas: Krampus Hunt


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Hey, angling folks! Have yourself a great Christmas and join in on the Merry Fishmas: Krampus Hunt adventures with Fishing Planet! 

Christmas event starts on December 17th and will be available through January 10th.

This year, Christmas festivities are under threat! To save Christmas from the havoc created by the old Krampuses, you will require a special set of treats and tackle! A whole team of  the best elf engineers has worked with their magic tools and homemade goods to come up with this top-notch kit for your Christmas fishing adventure. The right combination of rods and reels will help you to return the things stolen by the elderly villains back to Santa! 

Now, only YOU can save Christmas:

The elderly Krampus fishes have stolen Santa's attributes — glasses, beard and hat — and set off wreaking havoc in nearby waters. 


You need to locate the old troublemakers, capture them and return the things they've stolen. 

You can find them by questioning their accomplices, who have decided to follow them and make mischief around. Because of their innate ability to lie, you'll have to catch a score of them. Get your rods ready!

Magical Jukeboxes and new amazing baits will help you to attract the minions. 


Activate Jukeboxes by using Christmas tokens**.


*Settled on all event locations.

** Get Christmas tokens by completing the event missions. 


What Christmas without snowballs. Collect snow and make snowballs. 



Do not forget about Christmas presents, that you can find at every event location. Just check Gift Boxes and Christmas Stockings. 


 The White Moose will also please you with the good old Crystal Burbot, fantastic Antlered Salmon and Furry Trout!



Mega Cookie Bait

If you take a couple of Ginger Cookies and join them with magic, the special power of Christmas pastry will create an ideal bait.


Christmas baits:

  • Cookies with Milk


  • Turdilli


  • Buñuelos


  • Shtolen


  • Candy cane


  • And traditional Christmas treats - Ginger Cookies


These amazing Christmas baits will help you to catch Krampus Fish:)

Unlucky Krampus Tarpon


  • Clumsy Krampus Eel


  • Crumbling Krampus Payara


And do not forget to check all colorful Minions


Christmas gifts!

Christmas Slingshot


Christmas Light


Snowman Cap


Ice Look Glasses


 Enjoy this year's Christmas with an excellent assortment of festive season feeders, delicious baits for sweet-toothed fish, a keepnet and, naturally, a celebratory firework!


Get it all with The Christmas  kit - Krampus Сatcher Pack, which  also contains everything you need for a good Christmas catch!

 American PSN Store   European PSN Store 


Also, don't miss our Christmas special packs full of great angling treats!

 American PSN Store   European PSN Store 


 American PSN Store   European PSN Store 


Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!


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