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being able to lose points in a competition is killing competition . if you take that element away a lot more people would be doing competitions . there are to many correct weight comps and weight diffrence comps which require pure luck to win them and nobody who has designs on getting up the comp leaderboard is going to risk losing points in them they are just to random .also dumping to avoid point loss is losing competition players a lot of money . please take the point loss element away so people can do comps without fear and it also gives everyone a chance to learn the comp in the competition itself without fear of point loss .

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To be fair they are all more or less luck based now. I have placed 1st and 50th smth in Saltwater Giants scoring over 528000 and less than 250000. I think it was 238000 or something. And no, it's not that the weather is different or anything like that. It is predetermined when you enter the competition if you are able to compete or not. It's the game trying to even the playground between players. I'm doing the research to prove that there is a pattern there as well, like you can do well in every 10th game or something like that.

Offcourse there are still games where having "good luck" is not enough because someone with skills who has the same luck will beat you. But I know for a fact that people have won Bloody Threat standing on a boat dock for a whole competition casting to the same spot with the same gear and bait. I know how someone won C'mon Carp fishing in 1 spot that's not even a Carp spot in free fishing (Spot where people usually fish for small fish, he fished for oversized uni and got it). I know how someone stayed in one spot (where most people farm xp and money) in Saltwater Giants and won it.

Its something I have been ranting a lot in this forum, its ridiculous. When you don't play a lot you might not notice these patterns but when you have 2600+ hours behind you, you will see that the game does not treat all players fair.

My longer post about the issue 


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