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Sander Baggersee Lake


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This has to be the worst lake in the game for catching fish. I was on mission 2 and needed to catch the European eel to complete the mission. I went from 9 at night to 5 in the morning with out a single bite. And I was not going to spend another 2000.00 to stay. I only made about 3000.00 on the fish I caught and what I got from mission 1 so I lost money. I do not think I will be going back to complete the missions, Just not worth the time or reward you get for the missions. Maybe some of you have had better luck with this lake? But it gets a big thumbs down from me. 

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I do agree with Benji here. Carp are the ticket. I spent 2 days there one afternoon boating through the main lake looking for some real definition in structure. Except for some Northerns and a number of nice Zander by the industrial area the Roach and Goby seemed predominant. And even the trophy Goby of .3 pounds only pay $34 and 33 exp. Trophy Roaches of 1.2 pounds about $94-94 and 39 exp.  Unique Roach 1.9 pounds paid $163 with 113 experience.

The two biggest fish I pulled that day was a common bream of 18.195 that paid $1411 and 425 exp and a Unique Zander of 10.69 paying $1383 and 558 XP. Next largest was a trophy Zander of 6.94 paying $874 and 320XP.

Wouldn't put it in my top three, but it was a different experience. It got to be fun when I quit trying and decided to play with the sonar to find fish. When I hit trophy Zanders of 4.1, 5,7 and 6.9 then the unique it got to be fun. I fished the carp lake at night which was the best fishing I had seen and moved to the far left pier toward morning where I took a Unique Prussian 3.9 $336 and 150 XP.

Gear up for carp and you'll be fine.


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Yes it was difficult at first but I wasn't casting out far enough.  Spawn at Sunrise fishing and cast straight out as far as you can.  I used a #2 hook with duck mussel meat.  Sorry I didn't see your post sooner been fishin the new map.  Thank goodness for PH_Carpman99 :D) Good luck.

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