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Trying to setup a sinker


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Im not a newbie to fishing planet, but still learning. Today i catcher my first uni. 

I got a few in the fishermen but its a while ago. 

Atm im trying to catch unique chain. 

Tried casting spoons , small minnows and now i want to give shiners a go. 

I want to combine it with a sinker.

So this is how it looks , but i get the warning 'terminal tackle to heavy for Rod'

Dont know what im doing wrong. 

: quiver tip 28g 

Creekpro 240

Inspirecast 3000

Braid 0.15 2.7kg

Sinker 25g , changed to 15 but still a warning

Monoleader 0,14. 2.5kg 

Hook 1/0


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29 minutes ago, Fishman93 said:

But what im wondering about rodstands, 

If u have 3 Rods on a stand , and 1 in your hand.

How do u manage this?

If u have a bite on your hand and 2 on your stand , how do u control this?

You can either try to juggle fish, fight one for a few seconds switch to another rod and so on, you can try to fight the one on the rod in your hand hoping you won't lose the others due to tension dropping. 

Some types of fish might stay a while and are more manageable while others drop tension faster. There's no guarantee you'll land all the fish biting. 

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