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Saint Croix strange happenings

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When I fish in Michigan and use my boat I have a strange thing happen. When I set up on the shore across from the sailboat and motorboats, near the buoy and deep water, I retrieve my pole from the stand and end up at the starting point, boat launch, with my arm across my vision.  I then restart the game, come back in the location I had set up at and find that I do not have the boat any longer. I also find that when I get a pole from the stand I end up facing 180 degrees from the water, ie, my back to the water. I have to turn around and continue reeling in my line. This happens only in Michigan and only when I use my "Combat boat"....  When I just move to a location without using the boat, everything seems to be fine. What is going on and is there, or will there be a fix soon.   Very frustrating to have to go through. 

I am playing on PS4 and playing the stand alone game, from disc. 

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